Paternity DNA Test In Nigeria : Price, Accuracy

What is DNA test in Nigeria?

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is hereditary material present in our body. This specifically carries the genetic information of a person which passes generation after generation. Do you know how useful DNA tests are in tracing your biological parents? Yes, you read right. DNA can be tested using scientific methods. DNA test is done to know about the genetic makeup of a person. Any mutations in this genetic makeup can help in detection of any medical condition. Can a person get a DNA test in Nigeria? Yes, but before that readers need to know about several factors such as how much for a DNA test in Nigeria, test results, accuracy and more. So, read till the end to know more.

Types of DNA test in Nigeria

But keep in mind that the price of DNA tests in Nigeria depends on the kind of test, the quantity of subjects examined, and the facility doing the test.

  • Peace of mind paternity test

A non-legal test called the peace of mind paternity test is performed to establish if a guy is a child’s biological father. In Nigeria, a peace of mind paternity test only costs 100,000–150,000 naira.

  • Legal paternity test

A more stringent test that is acceptable in court is the legal paternity test. In Nigeria, a valid paternity test might cost anywhere between 200,000 and 300,000 naira.

  • Other DNA tests

There are different types of other DNA tests that can be done in Nigeria, such as ancestry tests, maternity tests, and sibling tests. Depending on the particular exam, various tests have different costs.

DNA Test Type (Standard) Price Range
Paternity DNA Testing N180,000 – 250,000
Prenatal DNA Testing N1,500,00 – 2,000,000
Legal DNA Testing N270,000 – 350,000
Immigration DNA Testing N270,000 – 500,000

Methods to do DNA test in Nigeria

Cheek swab is used to obtain samples from the buccal cells for genetic/DNA test in Nigeria, depending on the purpose and tests to be performed. Additionally, samples of blood, hairs, and amniotic fluid (from the fetus in the womb) are taken. The lab receives these samples for verification, analysis, and screening.

Need of DNA test in Nigeria

The use of DNA tests in Nigeria to address a wide range of legal and societal issues is causing awareness of the procedure to expand quickly in Nigeria. Nowadays, a number of local and international companies provide the services of DNA testing in many cities of Nigeria. As a result, DNA test prices are now more reasonable and convenient in Nigeria.

  • Nigerians are starting to know more about the benefits of DNA testing, including its ability to check heredity link, establish paternity, and diagnose medically genetic issues. As a result, the need for DNA testing services has grown a lot. It is a very accurate method to test one’s paternity. This is important for those fathers who do not accept pregnancies or who abandon their children at a high rate in the nation.
  • Ancestry link can be established and proved through DNA testing. Those who want to trace their family history may find this really useful.
  • In Nigeria, the use of DNA testing is becoming more common in cases such as court issues pertaining to inheritance, immigration, Nigerian citizenship by DNA and child custody. Moreover, this has helped in raising awareness regarding the benefits of DNA testing.

Factors affecting cost of DNA tests in Nigeria

The complexity of the elements influencing Nigerian DNA test cost  varies based on the particular test being conducted. Nonetheless, some of the most frequent variables that may impact a DNA test’s cost in Nigeria are mentioned below.

  • Laboratory Accreditation and Quality Standards:

When it comes to quality and accuracy, higher standards are expected from DNA testing providers certified by known international organizations, such as the International Standardization Organization (ISO). Because these laboratories must invest in more strict testing protocols and quality control measures, this may result in costlier tests.

  • DNA Test Type and Complexity

The cost may also vary based on the kind and needs of the DNA test in Nigeria. For example, the cost of a usual paternity test is somewhat cheaper than that of a genetic disease test. This is due to the reason that genetic disease testing needs the analysis of a much greater number of genes than paternity tests, which just need to compare the child’s and the father’s DNA.

  • Techniques for Gathering Samples

The process used to gather the sample may also have an impact on the cost of the DNA test. For example, the most popular and least expensive way to get DNA samples is by cheek swabs. However, other kinds of samples can also be utilized, such as blood, hair, and fingernails. These typically come at a higher price.

  • Extra Services and Analysis

Aside from DNA testing, several companies provide extra analysis and services including ancestry tracing and genetic counseling. The price of the DNA test may increase due to these services.

  • Location and Availability

The cost of a DNA test in Nigeria may also vary depending on the laboratory’s location and how easily accessible it is. DNA tests that need to be shipped overnight or those are performed in remote locations could cost more.

  • Demand and Competition in the Market

Market is competitive so laboratories may tend to offer cheaper rates in order to draw clients.

DNA test in Nigeria- Costly or cheap?

Here are some reasonably priced solutions for DNA testing. Using a home DNA testing kit is one choice. You may buy kits for home DNA testing online and at select pharmacies. A cheapest DNA test in Nigeria home kit might cost anywhere between N50,000 and N100,000. Using a public health laboratory is an extra option at a reasonable price for DNA testing in Nigeria. DNA testing can be done at public health laboratories for a low cost. DNA testing at a public health laboratory can cost somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 naira. The cost of DNA testing is displayed in this list for a few reasonably priced medical facilities and labs in Nigeria.

  • Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)- Starting price of DNA tests is ₦85,000.
  • DNA Nigeria- Starting price of DNA tests is ₦85,000
  • Pathcare/Synlab Laboratories- Starting price of DNA tests is ₦95,000.
  • DNA Bank Nigeria- Starting price of DNA tests is ₦95,000.
  • Nigerian Paternity Test- Starting price of DNA tests is ₦100,000
  • Clina-Lancet Laboratories- Starting price of DNA tests is ₦105,000.
  • DNA Diagnostic Centre (DDC)- Starting price of DNA tests is ₦90,000.
  • DNA Centre for Paternity Test Nigeria- Starting price of DNA tests is ₦100,000.
  • Lynx DNA Laboratory- Starting price of DNA tests is ₦110,000.

Factors to be considered for choosing DNA testing company in Nigeria

  • Certification and Accreditation

Selecting a DNA testing supplier who is authorized and accredited by a respected organization is crucial because DNA testing is a delicate and intricate process. CLIA, CAP, and ISO 17025 are some of the most well-known accreditation agencies for DNA testing.

  • Accuracy testing and quality control

A reliable DNA test in Nigeria will be certified and accredited alongside having a strong accuracy and quality control policies. This implies that they will put cutting edge tools and techniques and have a strict quality control procedure throughout testing.

  • Data security and privacy

Selecting a DNA testing firm who will protect your data and privacy is important as DNA testing is a private and delicate process. One should carefully check the provider’s data privacy policies and  plans for storing and usage of DNA data.

  • Client Assistance and Follow-Up Services

The customer support service of the testing firm should be able to aid customers if they need any assistance or have any queries regarding DNA tests. One should know  about the aftercare services beforehand provided by the company, including how they will help you in comprehending the test results.

Some statistical data on DNA testing in Nigeria



In conclusion, DNA testing is an effective instrument that may be applied to a range of tasks, such as ancestry research, immigration, genetic screening, and paternity testing. Paternity testing is the most prevalent type of DNA test in Nigeria. You can use this kind of test to find out if a man is a child’s biological father. So far it may be clear to you how much is a DNA test in Nigeria today. The price of a DNA test in Nigeria can range from N50,000 to N150,000, depending on the lab and test type. DNA tests in Nigeria can be completed at home or at a clinic. Although the home test kits are more practical, you must send them to the lab right away so that they may be screened and analyzed. A DNA test often yields results in a matter of weeks.

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