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Ethnicity And Facial Features

It is possible to determine ancestry through the facial features app. In this article, efforts will be made how to know the race that you belonged to through your facial appearance. Your facial features are exposed and it has a close affinity with cartilaginous and skeletal structures. The variations in spatial arrangement, relative size, and shape make the face of each unique. This is different from monozygotic twins that have similar facial features with each other. It is therefore easy to determine ancestry through facial features. We are going to leave no stone unturned in the attempt to fully educate our readers. 

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The Pre- and Post-Natal Facial Development

The development of facial features inherited from mother begins from the embryo stage from the womb of the mother. Some of the facial features of the child are facial features inherited from the mother. The development of facial features begins in the fourth week of the gestation period. The development process involved is listed below.

The Embryonic Features that Contribute to Facial Development

Development facial processes Facial features
Maxillary Lower eyelids, cheeks, lateral parts of the upper lip, maxilla, canine, premolar and molar teeth
Lateral nasal Alae and base of the nose
Media nasal Nose, upper lip /philtrum, premaxilla, upper incisor teeth
Frontonasal Forehead, upper eyelids, conjuctiva
Mandibular Whole lower lip, lower jaw (mandible, including teeth)

The Eight Facial Features

Can you tell ethnicity by facial expression? Absolutely yes; this is so because the skull gives several clues to the ethnic background of individuals. The shape of the skull provides clues to the origin of people but it is not entirely ethnicity based. Let us look at the role played in determining ethnicity through the facial features app by looking at the parts that form the face. 

Now A Days society is very curious about the facts, How to find your Ethnicity and they wants to know that can photo tell your Ethnicity? 

Find Your Ethnicity From Photo

The Eye Shape

The eye shape is one of the perfect tools that can be used to that is used in facial features description. Some of the eye shapes can easily be identified with certain races. Worthy of mention in these facial features examples is that of the Asians because it is most obvious. 

The Eye Color

We have blue and brown eyes in existence. There are other variations that are mixes that are produced by the mixes of color occur along the iris; included is a whitewash that makes the blue eye look icy. 


The facial features types can also be distinguished through the appearance of the nose. Some nose shapes are identifiable with some ethnic groups. However, it should be noted that almost all the noses available are found in the majority of ethnic groups. However, the funnel nose that is associated with most Africans is not found in Casablanca Morocco in North Africa.

The shape of the natural human nose varies between aquiline, Roman, Grecian, hooked, droopy, upturned, snub, button, and funnel. The natural shape of the nose can be altered surgically or non-surgically with a rhinoplasty.


It is also possible to determine the facial features’ meaning of individuals by taking a look at the structure of the lips and using that to predict their ethnicity. The shape of individual lips tends to vary once you start looking at them. You must also realize that people undergo lip enhancement that changes the shape of or accentuates the shape of the lip.


It is equally possible to distinguish the ethnicity of people by taking a closer look at the ear. Distinguishing facial features description through the ear to predict ethnicity is a variable feature because the natural ear can be pinned backward because the natural shape of the ear rarely changes. This is because the ear is made from cartilage


It is possible to determine ancestry through the facial features app by taking a closer look at the eyebrows. The eyebrow is a function of the arch’s height and shape. The women’s eyebrows are thinner when compared to that of the man. In the case of the natural eyebrow, there can be the application of a brow lift to the eye that will alter the shape. Some people apply tattooing procedures to enhance the shape of the natural eyebrow.


The chin can also be used to determine ancestry through the facial features app. The growth of fat pads below the skin can be used to predict the genetic makeup of persons. There can be an accumulation of flesh in this region that can lead to a saggy and loose chin. This brings about variables to the natural look of the shin when it undergoes liposuction surgery. 

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What are the 8 Facial Features? 

The following are the eight facial features: Face; eyes; nose; ears; mouth; teeth; chin; and hair. The physically observable features in an individual can be used to determine the recent ancestry of any individual. 

How to Determine the Ethnicity of a Skull 

When the skull is used as the basis of determining ancestry through facial features app; the results obtained are closer to where the ancestry of the person lies as against what is obtainable when facial features types described above are used. The skull has a great influence on forensic investigation. The ancestry of individuals is complex. We shall look at the shape (morphology) of the human skull. Several features that can be seen through the skull of the human being; it is a function of some environmental influence of the environment that the individual lived. We are going to take a look at what obtains in the morphology of the skull based on the ethnicity of three sets of ethnic races as given in the table below. In answer to the question: Can you tell Ethnicity from facial features; the answer is a clear yes! 

When Forensic anthropologists examine the skull of individuals; and take the pains to go all the length in determining the measurements of multiple individual facets. When the data gotten is compared, it will be easy to predict the origin of any individual on the world map when the data is compared to what is obtainable through the worldwide population.

Bones constitute a crucial aspect of the human body, as the body would be incomplete without them. Yet, have you ever pondered whether bones can reveal your ethnicity?

Find Your Ethnicity Through Bones

Individual European skull has the following remarkable features:

  • Long narrow face
  • Fairly flat facial profile
  • Sharply angled nasal bones

The individual African skull on its part has the following distinguishable features:

  • Wide nasal cavity
  • Prominent mouth region
  • On the part of the Asians, the prominent features are:
  • Wider and shorter faces 
  • Prominent cheekbones

Facial features inherited from the mother are a result of what happens during the gestation period.

The child takes some features from the mother beginning from the 4th week of the gestation period.  We are now going to take a look at facial features types of some ethnic nationalities:

african asian european skull


The European skull can be distinguished through their circular eye sockets with squared margins appearance that is referred to as aviator sunglasses. The average European skull has the following characteristics:

  • Nasal aperture which can be narrow and lie high up on the face
  • Nasal the bridge that is pronounced and sharply angled
  • Teeth are small and set closely together.

Asian Skull

When the facial features examples of Asian skulls are closely examined; the following features can be attributed through the skull to the race:

  • Circular orbits
  • Heart shaped nasal aperture
  • Distinctive shovel-shaped upper incisors 

The answer to What are the facial features of a Caucasian person can be derived when the skull of the individual is observed through forensic analysis and results obtained placed side by side with the features from the population data from other regions of the world. This same applies to the answer for what are the Dutch female facial features

African Skull

  • The African skull can be distinguished with the following features:
  • Rectangular-shaped orbits
  • Nasal aperture is usually wide
  • The nasal bridge is usually very flat.
  • The jaw protrudes significantly away from the face and is known as prognathism.
  • Teeth are usually large when compared to other races in the world. 

The Ethnicity of a Skull

African Asian European
Eye sockets Rectangular Circular Circular with squared margins ‘aviator sunglasses
Nose Wide nasal aperture and flat nasal bridge ‘Heart shaped’ nasal aperture and less pronounced nasal bridge Narrow, high nasal aperture and pronounced nasal bridge
Jaw Large teeth with wider spacing than other races. The jaw protrudes from the maxilla-prognathism Shovel-shaped’ upper incisors Small teeth set closely together


Final Thought

How do I find ethnicity by physical features? We have answered the question in a detailed form in this article. It can be discovered through the shape of the organs that make up the face. However, where changes are done to the face region that affects the natural shape of the face, it might be difficult to locate the origin of the individual through the face. Another clear way to the origin of people through facial features examples is through the skull of the individual. We have analyzed what is obtainable with the European; Asian and African skulls. Determining your ethnicity through your facial features will not be an issue with what we have shared in this article. 

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Can Facial Features determine Ethnicity?

Facial features provide hints but can’t reliably determine ethnicity.

What features are associated with ethnicity?

Skin, eyes, nose, and hair vary, making it complex.

Is it ethical to judge ethnicity by looks?

It’s generally considered unethical and can be offensive.

How can I learn about my ethnicity?

DNA testing and genealogy research are reliable methods.

How to ask someone about their ethnicity?

Ask respectfully, but respect their privacy and choice not to share.

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