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Find an Obituary for a Specific Person

How do I search for someone who has died? You are on the right page which is primed to give you the required help. The best legacy that you can leave for any departed soul is words that are craftily constructed that will give credit to the contributions of the departed soul while he or she is alive. Now, how to write an obituary for a family member that carries massive weight? We are going to take a look at measures that are necessary for those that want to achieve creative words that will stand the test of time.

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The DIY Method to find Obituary

We are going to begin this process of how to write an obituary with the DIY. Six principal steps are a must to be included in an obituary. You may want to be dynamic; however, whichever way you choose to follow in how to write an obituary for a father, the following steps is a must: 

find an obituary for a specific person

Announce the Death

The first step in how to write an obituary is the mention of the full names of the deceased. This will include the title and the nickname of the departed one. The introductory line may pattern any of the following patterns:

  • Went to be with her Lord
  • Entered eternal rest and much more.
  • Departed
  • Passed away

It is important to include the cause of death in the obituary. If you want to send the message home on how to write an obituary, then the primary cause of death must be included in the obituary. 

Share their Life Story

In other to get things right in how to write an obituary for a father; it is important to share the life story of the departed one. What did he or she achieve while alive? What is the favorite thing that he likes most while on Earth? It is important to include what you are going to miss most about the person.

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List of Family Members

It is important to understand the detailed answer to the question: what is an obituary? This will help you to understand that including the list of family members that are dead and the ones that are still alive will make the obituary creative. The list of names that are most important to your late relative must be included. 

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Include Funeral / Memorial Information

How much does an obituary cost? This is something that should be factored into the plan of things. The name of the funeral home must be included in the obituary which must be published a day or two before the actual funeral at the most. This will make it possible for sympathizers to contact the funeral home and make their contribution toward giving the departed a befitting burial. When you give the burial arrangement to don brown funeral home obituaries for instance; the attention of sympathizers for relevant information will be focused on the home.  

Add Charity Information

One of the steps in how to write an obituary through DIY involves the inclusion of charity donations on behalf of the departed soul.  Funds may be raised to better the fortunes of the alma mater of the dead person. In a different scenario, the expenses might be towards getting funds that will cover the expenses that are involved in the obituary. The different funeral homes charge different fees; what don brown funeral home obituaries charge per burial is different from other funeral homes around.

Select a Photo

The sixth step in this DIY write-up is the selection of a photo of the deceased among the ones he took while alive. The photo will bring the obituary to life; it is, therefore, important to choose a photo that has life in it. When you involve the professional funeral home; their professional input will help bring life into the photo that will be submitted to newspapers. 

How to Find an Obituary

Now, if you want to locate the obituary of a relation one that has died hundreds of years ago before your birth; then you should involve online tools to carry out the required search. Now, why can’t you find an obituary of some people? It is because the process is not handled by professional hands. If you want to DIY; then it is mandatory that you follow the six steps that we have discussed above. 

If you want to search for the obituary of any person; then the beginning point is gathering as much information about the data of the deceased as much as possible.  You must narrow down your search; this will ease up the process for you. Take a look at the following data about a person in no organized form

  • Date and place of birth
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Family members or next of kin, including spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings
  • Cemetery where buried
  • Full name, including maiden name for women
  • Places of employment
  • Schools attended dates of attendance
  • Degrees received
  • Date and place of death

At most two of the following pieces of information are enough to ascertain details on how to find out if someone died no obituary. If you do not get results by putting at most two of the details shared above, it is a closed case that the person died without an obituary.

Online and Print Newspapers

One of the easy ways answer to the question of how do I find someone’s obituary is to go through online and print newspapers. It is free and you are guaranteed the results that will make you happy. is another tool that can be used to get a free search for the obituary of your loved one. This app delivers the opportunity to search for obituaries in New Zealand, North America Australia, the UK, and Europe.  It is an effective way to carry out the process of how do I find an obituary of a family that died years ago. There is no archive of obituaries on the site; the obituary of the person you are looking for must be listed in the newspapers that appear on the site. 

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Search Through Newspaper Archive Sites

One of the best ways on how do I find someone’s obituary for free that we cannot ignore is through newspaper archive sites. However, you will require specific information if the target of getting the right results will be achieved.  If you are looking for an obituary that happened a long time ago, the place to be is Chronicling America. It is free and offers newspapers in digital form that dates from 1770 to 1963. 

Google Newspaper Archives is another digital resource that has loads of digital newspapers. This site has no longer in full swing because it has been discontinued. When you input specific details into the search engine on their web, you will get exciting results. 

Genealogy Websites

If you want to find out how to find out if someone died with no obituary; then you can try using genealogy websites. If any obituary is missing on the web; this website is the best place to locate the missing obituary. Some of the best the genealogy websites include:

  • Family Search
  • The Mormon Church Family History Library
  • Mennonite Archives
  • MyHeritage Free Trial

The above genealogy websites will help resolve the riddle of why cant I find an obituary. 

obituary for a specific person

Obituaries With Funeral Home Websites

Funeral homes play an important part in going the departed soul a befitting goodbye to earth. They have a pool of obituaries that can help resolve the challenge of how do I find a death notice in the US. Make sure the search is limited to the funeral homes that are located close to the place the deceased lived why on earth – it will make the search easy.  Another creative way to locate obituaries is through funeral home sites. 

However, results from this site are limited to those whose family members take it upon themselves to manually post the obituary on their site on how do i find an obituary from years ago If that is the case, there is a high likelihood of missing obituaries on the websites.  

It is possible to search for the obituary of your loved one by their state. When you are aware of the state/country where the person resided at the time of death, the information will be useful in locating the obituary of the dead person. 

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Final Thought about finding a Obituary

We have succeeded in giving tips on what is an obituary and how to write an obituary above. It is possible to carry out a DIY that will be creative if the six steps detailed above are followed. Some sites will not give you all the detail required; there are sites that you can rely on to get details on missing obituaries. If you want to achieve the best results, then you must narrow down your search. You must be specific in your search in order to get the clinical result through don brown funeral home obituaries.


How can I find an obituary for a specific person online?

To find an obituary online, search on obituary websites, local newspapers, and genealogy sites. Use the person’s name, location, and rough death date for best results.

Can I access obituaries from the past?

Yes, access old obituaries through libraries, online archives, genealogy websites, and historical collections. Use keywords like name, location, and time period for focused searches.

What information do I need to search for an obituary?

ou can find an obituary with limited details. Gather the person’s full or variant names, death date or range, and location. Search obituary websites and newspaper archives using this information.

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