How to Do A DNA Testing in Saudi Arabia

DNA Testing in Saudi Arabia

Last month I went to Saudi Arabia on a work trip. I met my genealogist friend there. She told me about her current research work. Her work is on the genetic makeup trend of Saudi Arabia in the last five years. She used the results of a DNA test in Saudi Arabia. Nowadays DNA testing has become a vital tool in various fields, including medicine science, forensics, genealogy and more. With advancement in time and needs the acceptance of DNA testing has grown significantly in Saudi Arabia, following global trends. In this blog, I have tried to provide an overview on DNA testing in the country, what are the applications, and the legal and ethical criteria, etc.

The Rise of DNA Testing

DNA testing is the process of examining genetic material to know about a person’s background, health risks, and other characteristics. The popularity of DNA tests has increased significantly around the world due to their increased affordability and accessibility. In Saudi Arabia, this trend is mirrored by the expanding availability of DNA testing services and DNA test cost in Saudi Arabia both for medical and personal use.

Applications of DNA Testing

  • Medical Diagnostics : One of the primary uses of DNA tests in Saudi Arabia is in the field of medical diagnostics. Genetic testing can detect the mutations that cause hereditary disorders, enabling early diagnosis and customized methods of treatment. This is especially important given the circumstances that are common in the area as a result of consanguineous marriages.
  • Forensic Science : DNA testing is a cornerstone of modern forensic science. It is essential to criminal investigations in Saudi Arabia as it helps in the highly accurate identification of victims and suspects. The court system has undergone a technological revolution, becoming more dependable and efficient.
  • Paternity and Family Relationships : Establishing paternity and other family relationships is another common application of DNA testing. Paternity tests, which produce definite and backed by evidence proof, are frequently mandated in lawsuits and inheritance cases in Saudi Arabia.
  • Genealogy and Ancestry : There is a growing interest in genealogical DNA tests in Saudi Arabia. By supporting people in searching down their ancestors and discovering their genetic background, these tests provide greater understanding of one’s own and one’s family’s past.

How to do DNA tests in Saudi Arabia?

To get a DNA test in Saudi Arabia, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose a Reputable Provider : Research and select a certified laboratory or clinic that offers DNA tests in Saudi Arabia.
  • Consultation : Schedule a consultation to understand the process, costs, and required documentation.
  • Sample Collection : Provide a DNA sample, usually through a saliva swab or blood test, at the clinic or via a home collection kit.
  • Analysis : The sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis. Results typically take a few weeks.
  •  Receive Results : Review your results with a healthcare professional to understand the findings and their implications.

Is Genetic Testing Allowed in Islam?

Religious scholars in Saudi Arabia generally support the use of DNA testing when it is used responsibly and for beneficial purposes. It should follow the regulations made by the country. Is DNA testing allowed in Islam? In Islam, DNA testing is usually allowed, particularly when used for authorized medical diagnostics and paternity determination that support Islamic values of justice and health. However, privacy must be respected and ethical standards must be followed while doing DNA tests in Saudi Arabia

Countries That Do Not Allow DNA Testing

While DNA testing is widely accepted globally, some countries have strict regulations or bans on certain types of DNA tests. What countries do not allow DNA testing? They are:

  • France : DNA tests for personal use, such as genealogy, are heavily regulated and require judicial authorization.
  • Germany : Strict laws regulate DNA testing to protect privacy, and non-consensual testing is prohibited.

Is Ancestry DNA Test Available in Saudi Arabia?

Ancestry DNA Test Saudi Arabia  is becoming popular.  These tests help individuals explore their genetic heritage and family history. Local and international companies offer ancestry DNA testing services that are accessible to Saudi residents. These tests can provide insights into ethnic backgrounds and ancestral origins. Can you do a DNA test internationally? Yes, you can order DNA tests from international companies. Many global DNA testing services offer kits that can be shipped to Saudi Arabia. After collecting your sample, you can send it back to the company’s laboratory for analysis. This option provides access to a broader range of tests and technologies not always available locally.

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DNA Test Cost in Saudi Arabia

The cost of DNA tests in Saudi Arabia varies depending on the type of test and the provider. 

DNA tests 


Estimated Cost (SAR)

Paternity Test Determines biological fatherhood 1,500 – 2,500
Maternity Test Determines biological motherhood 1,500 – 2,500
Ancestry Test Traces lineage and ethnic background 800 – 1,500
Genetic Disorder Test Identifies potential genetic disorders and inherited conditions 2,000 – 4,000
Health & Wellness Test Provides insights into genetic health risks and predispositions 1,000 – 2,000
Prenatal Paternity Test Determines paternity before birth 5,000 – 8,000

Best DNA Testing service providers in Saudi Arabia

Choosing the Best DNA test in Saudi Arabia

 depends on your needs. Some top providers in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Saudi Genetics : Known for its comprehensive medical and forensic DNA test in Saudi Arabia
  • Al Borg Laboratories : Offers wide range of genetic tests, including ancestry and health-related screenings.
  • International Providers : Companies like AncestryDNA and 23andMe offer detailed ancestry and health insights through their international testing services.


As we come to the end of the blog, I hope through my research, one will get some knowledgeble insights of DNA tests in Saudi Arabia. DNA testing has become a vital tool in various fields. With advancement technology, it will be acceptable. Saudi Arabia can utilize DNA testing to its advantage while guaranteeing the privacy and rights of its people by taking legal and ethical issues into account.

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